Cercis, Inc. designs and manufactures test instruments for the fiber optic communication and optical sensor                         industries, supplying both OEMS or endusers                                standard or cusomized products.
Cercis also supplies instruments - like the MILES (Multiple Laser Engagement Systems) Universal Reference Laser         - for military and security training, simulation, or targeting applications.

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Updated 02/10
510  Cercis Standard Optical Power Meter

The 510 combines  graphic display, simple 3-key operation  - ON/OFF, MODE and l -  and quick-connect adapters (one included) compatible with various fiber optic connectors.   Readout:  Auto-ranging nW, mW, mW, as well as dBm & dB - with a stored reference value when mode is switched dBm to dB.  InGaAs (510i), Silicon (510s) or Germanium models available.
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520 Cercis Laser Light Sources

The 520S or 520D LASER/VCSEL sources - single or dual, respectively.  Standard power is Class 1  -10 dBm (100mW); optional -5 dBm (300mW).  The user may adjust output by +1 dB.   Inustry-standard connector (FC, SC, or ST) interchangeable optical adapter or FC interface available.  All models include protective holster & tethered dustcap, plus 9V battery.  More . . .

520CWDM Cercis CWDM Laser Light Sources
These units contain an isolated DFB laser source of 1470, 1490, 1510, 1530, 1550, 1570, 1590 or 1610 nm.
530 Cercis LED Light Sources

 The 530S or 530D contain single or dual LED sources, respectively, for use in multimode optical fiber applications. Fiber-pigtailed LEDs yield predictable optical power with various optical fibers-and the fiber pigtail mode strips - eliminating the need to mandrel wrap. Cercis LED Light Sources incorporate interchangeable (FC, SC, ST-specify) adapters or FC.  More . . .
520L  Cercis MILES Universal Laser

Simulates a pulsed laser for testing of target acquisition devices. It includes eight user-selectable modes-1, 2, 3 kHz and External up to 10 kHz, plus MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems) Codes 0, 27, 29 & 30.  Six energy levels  are selectable-17.5, 22, 28, 34, 38 & 43 mErgs, and the user may adjust energy output from 1 mErg to 100 mErgs (~0.1 nW to 10 nW).  The user can select word sequences (1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 words), and set trigger  to send MILES codes in ~1 second intervals.  More . . .

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52  Cercis Visual Fault Finder - 635 nm Red

Use a red laser fault finder to troubleshoot faults within OTDR dead zones, optimize mechanical or fusion splices, verify connector end-face polish, trace fibers end-to-end, and make loss measurements on POF, PCS or glass fibers.  In bright or low light situations, the flashing mode increases visibility of the signal. Simple operation via two keys:  ON/OFF and MOD.
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6120  Cercis Fiber Optic Tester

Cercis 6120 Series Fiber Optic Tester is a 1/4-rack mount/benchtop instrument containing up to four sources (LASER, VCSEL, or LED) with an optical power meter and visual fault finder. Data transfer to printer or PC is possible via an RS-232 port.  Customization is available to incorporate additional functions or PASS/FAIL criteria.  More . . .
MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) SOURCE
610  Cercis Data Logging Optical Power Meter

Full-feature hand-held instrument; stores and recalls up to 1000 separate data records  - containing unique user-assigned label, power reading, reference value, calibration wavelength, operating mode, date and time - in the instrument's non-volatile memory.   RS232 port allows stored data to be printed or downloaded to a PC, or permits remote operation - automating tedious or complex measurements.   More . . .

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